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Meet Our Partners

WEAVE works in partnership with other like-minded Organizations. Meet EEPPOC Australia, the Hesperian Org, the Hunger Site, Mekong Responsible Tourism, the Mae Hong Son Green Map and Safe World for Women!

Education to empower people peacefully out of conflict (EEPPOC) Australia is a non-profit organization dedicated to empower marginalized refugees disadvantaged by conflict. The fundamental goal is to assist refugees gain leadership and sustainable development practice skills. EEPPOC Australia and WEAVE collaborative partnership is aimed at building and enhancing technical capacities of economically disadvantaged girls and women in the refugee camps and remote hill-tribe villages in Northern Thailand.


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The Hesperian Organization develops and distributes health materials now available in over 80 languages. Resources are used by community health workers, midwives, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, teachers, health educators and community organizers to help improving health around the world. WEAVE Foundation’s engagement with Hesperian is through the development of the adapted Burmese version of the book entitled “Where Women Have No Doctor”. The book in Burmese is aimed at empowering women to improve their health and support community health workers who continue to improve women’s health.
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 The Hunger Site addresses specific causes by raising awareness while providing tangible solutions through partnerships with a variety of dedicated organizations. GreaterGood’s sites provide simple yet effective ways to address urgent and specific needs across a spectrum of causes.


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The Mae Hong Son Green Map was developed during the Community Based Ecotourism Development in Mae Hong Son Project, under the United Nations Joint Program on Integrated Highland Livelihood Development in Mae Hong Son (UNJP), aiming to improve the quality of life and reduce poverty among vulnerable groups in underserved areas of Mae Hong Son province, Thailand.


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Mekong Responsible Tourism believes in responsible tourism and offers a guide for those who want their holidays to be a learning experience visiting the natural and cultural wonders of the Greater Mekong sub-region where the journey benefits the people and places they visit.

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Safe World for Women is an award-winning advocacy organization and multicultural movement for social justice and equality. They work to highlight abuse and oppression, and promote grassroots initiatives for women’s empowerment.


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WEAVE is delighted to be working with these committed organizations.

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 EEPPOC Australia

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