WEAVE works in partnership with ethnic minority women believing that women empowerment benefits their whole communities. WEAVE gives women the opportunity to access education building confidence and promoting skill development.  WEAVE encourages women to take leadership and share skills in their families and communities.

WEAVE have offices in Chiang Mai, Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son and projects are based in Karen and Karenni Refugee Camps and Thai Villages along the Thai Burma border. Current thrusts are along two main directions: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Early Childhood Programme, focusing on four main themes that mutually support and reinforce each other:

a) Women’s Capacity Development Project –promotion of women’s management and organizational skills development as well as working in the areas of gender, women’s development, peace education and community development.

b) Income Generation Project – provision of safe employment opportunities for women, through traditional craft-making skills, vocational and alternative livelihood among others.

c) Child Development Project – support of early childhood development projects (ECD) within the context of Inclusive Education.

d) Health Project – production, development and dissemination of culturally appropriate women’s health education materials addressing concerns such as violence against women, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and child care under 5 years among others, in various formats and Burmese ethnic languages.

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