The organization was founded in 1990, with the intent to empower indigenous women and support their needs and basic human rights. The organization has evolved over the years, especially in the context of the influx of refugees from Burma.

In 1994, WEAVE developed partnerships with refugee women’s organizations. This led to changes in our mission to reflect the organization’s new thrust and direction.

WEAVE’s projects attempt to address some of the problems faced by marginalized ethnic women and their children from Burma in the key areas of education, health,economic empowerment and self reliance.

Our work is multi-sectoral and we continue to create and expand opportunities for women and their communities. While each program has its own focal area, WEAVE has started to become more integrated in our approach, recognizing the interrelatedness of our programs while at the same time trying to remain relevant. Capacity development and advocacy are integral parts of all WEAVE’s programs.

WEAVE’s target communities are displaced persons, particularly women, recognizing their role in providing for their families and in ensuring the well-being of their children. Our work has expanded to include the India-China-Burma border, but mainly concentrates along the Thai-Burma border.


Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) strives to create a world where empowered women and their children are free to exercise their rights and live peacefully in a just, humane and equitable society.


We are women and men of diverse ethnic and geographical backgrounds who are committed to gender equality. As individuals and as an organization, we are committed to working with marginalized, oppressed, poor and exploited women and children from Thailand, Burma and some regions in Asia.

We believe that the leadership of women and the development of their status benefits their communities.

We support the expansion of women’s power, rights, and opportunities by sponsoring women’s organizations in our target communities.

We strengthen the efforts of these organizations as they continually build the capacities of these women to become self-reliant enabling them to fully participate in the development of their communities.


  • To strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to effectively and efficiently deliver desirable results.
  • To enhance the development of self-managing and self-sustaining women’s organizations and community projects.
  • To strengthen communication, research and development within WEAVE and amongst partner organizations.
  • To advocate a development framework addressing issues of women and children.
  • To promote collaboration and cooperation amongst and between organizations.


Project Location

WEAVE has offices in Chiang Mai, Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son. Our projects are based in Karen and Karenni refugee camps as well as Thai villages along the Thai-Burma border. We have recently extended our work to cover the Indo-Burmese border.