Capacity Development

WEAVE’s programs provides women with the opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in micro credit, micro finance, small business development and marketing so that they have the tools to fight simultaneously against poverty and gender discrimination. WEAVE provides groups of refugee women with small funds to support themselves in their striving for economic self-sufficiency. WEAVE also aims to strengthen the capacity of existing women’s organizations focusing particularly in areas such as technical, organizational, vocational and financial management.

WEAVE enhances the coverage and strength of strategies that can be used by marginalized and disadvantaged women to make a living. To ensure productivity and livelihoods become sustainable, we participate within existing socio – contexts including, agricultural production, domestic animal raising, and handicraft production, community-based initiatives, small business/enterprise development, access to capital, market and the management of land resources. We facilitate and increase access to quality and relevant vocational and occupational training. through this, participants acquire essential skills and material benefits which they can use towards secured livelihoods.