WEAVE produces Child Education materials include posters, booklets and books concerning which are intended to enhance their knowledge and capacity.

The First Five Year of Life (Mother & Child)

The Mother & Child poster and the Mother and Child Book let is the most recent project which was completed in October 2008. Both have been instrumental in exhibiting the development of children during the first five years of their lives. The poster is published in Burmese language and distributed throughout Burmese and ethnic communities as well as community based organizations and international NGO’s. The poster and book serves as an educational tool which helps to raise critical awareness for marginalized families.

The posters are designed to exhibit the development of a child within the different stages of the first five years of their life.

The stages are divided as:
(1) From birth to 9 months old.
(2) 9 months to 18 months.
(3) 1  yrs to 2  years.
(4) 2  to 3  years.
(5) 3  to 5 years old.

The books are created as a guide for Teachers & Parents on the proper ways to help in the development of the students and their children. This booklet describes the development of a child based on the following principles:
Principles of Child Development
1. Children’s growth and development occur in at least 4 areas.
2. Children develop in a definite pattern and predictable sequences.
3. Rate of development varies in individual.
4. Children are unique individuals. Their development is determined and influenced by interaction of nature (heredity )and nurture(environment).

5.The first 6 years of life are critical foundation for later development.

ECD (Early Child Development) curriculum
This curriculum is teacher guide which in Burmese language and has four subjects (Language, Math, Science, Reading and Writing) for three grades (A, B, C).


LanguageMathReading & Writing

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