Doll Relief, Bringing Joy to Refugee Children

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Children displaced by decades of violence experience happiness through the simple gesture of receiving a toy. Not just any toy, but more uniquely, dolls that signify and reflect their tradition and heritage.

WEAVE’s Karen Dolls are made by displaced women living in the camps who participate in our Income Generation Project (IGP). The Doll Program initiative was developed so that refugee children can play like any ordinary children throughout the world. Children at the refugee camps are given a doll while simultaneously the production of each doll provides necessary income to marginalized women. Clearly, it’s a gift that gives twice in a community oppressed by years of political and social upheaval.

How can you participate in Doll Relief? When you purchase a pair, one is made and donated to a refugee child. Once a year, our staff visits one of the camps to distribute and spend time with the community. This year, you too, can be a part of that spirit!

To purchase or donate please contact [email protected] or click on our Shop page for more information.