w1Economic and employment opportunities are extremely scarce in refugee camps, especially for women. They are faced with the incredible task of providing for themselves and for their families. Our Economic Empowerment and Development programs, particularly income generation, provides refugee women with the appropriate training to further their self-development and to generate critical income for health and education needs for their families.

The main objective of the program is to ensure that Burmese displaced women and girls in Thailand have the opportunity to engage in economic activities and acquire vocational knowledge and skills essential for their development in becoming agents of change in their communities. WEAVE, as part of its emphasis on economic empowerment and self-sufficiency, focuses on capacity development attempting to bring women toward self-determination. WEAVE’s EED program provides women with the opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in micro credit, micro finance, small business development and marketing so that they have the tools to fight simultaneously against poverty and gender discrimination. WEAVE provides groups of refugee women with small funds to support themselves in their striving for economic self-sufficiency. WEAVE also aims to strengthen the capacity of existing women’s organizations focusing particularly in areas such as technical, organizational, vocational and financial management.


The Economic Empowerment and Development program currently supports women’s initiatives in alternative livelihoods, including 3 refugee camp-based projects utilizing women’s traditional weaving, embroidery and sewing skills. The program aims to promote safe employment to women and believes that a right to work is a right for all. Women involved in the project are able to work in their homes allowing them to care for their small children as well as generate an income for basic human necessities.

Economic Self-Sufficiency – Training. This empowerment enables women to supplement the family diet with more nutritious food, buy clothing and have access to health care. It also helps them to deal with gender-based violence in the home and through the confidence this empowerment gives them, to take on leadership roles in their communities.


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If you would like to be involved or learn more about the Economic Empowerment and Development program please contact WEAVE at [email protected].

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