Graduation Ceremony- Women’s Study Program

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On March 23, 2011 the Women’s Study Program held its fifth graduation for students of the Women’s Study Program at Karenni Site 1 Refugee Camp, in north-west Thailand. Many special guests attended, including the Camp Commander, many Karenni community leaders, program supporters and network partners, along with proud parents and friends. Guest speaker xxxx, Camp Commander, spoke of and xxx, a notable Karenni community leader.

Twenty hard-working graduates received their certificates and student xxxx gave an inspiring speech about xxxxx.

The Women’s Study Program is a 10-month program under WEAVE’s Women’s Capacity Development Project, which offers study courses to Burmese ethnic women and young girls. It focuses on broadening women’s knowledge of women’s issues as they relate to development, peace education and community Development. xxxxx. To date, ### students have received training. After graduation, students will xxxxxx.

Karenni Site 1 is located near Mae Hong Son, Thailand, in the upper north-west area, on the border with Burma. The camp mainly houses displaced persons from the Burmese state of Karenni who have been forced to flee because of oppression and violence by the Burmese military junta, along with other ethnic groups across the country.