WEAVE produces health publication materials include posters, booklets and books concerning women’s health and child education which are intended to enhance their knowledge and capacity.


1. Menopause.

This poster describes the meaning of menopause, its signs and symptoms effects, cure and prevention.

Languages          Lahu, Karen



2. Diarrhea

It showed that diarrhea is one of the most troublesome diseases for the poor. This is a guide on how have proper eating habits and prevents it from occurring.

Language         Karen

3. Immunization

Immunization is nothing new among developed countries. However, from the underdeveloped and poor countries some might have not heard of it at all.This poster informs and raises awareness for parents to learn the essential information about immunization and the timetable when to vaccinate their children.

Language Kachin, Karen

4. Nutrition

It describes about the nutritious value of the food and provides advices on how to eat a balance diet.

Languages Shan, Karen


5. Modern Men

This poster is a guide for a husband to provide understanding and assistance to his wife.

Languages Kachin, Karen



6. Reproductive Health Rights

This poster describes the meaning of reproductive health,

which include the proper care for body as well as mental health.

Languages   Lahu, Mon, Karen



7. High Risk Pregnancy.

This poster is a guide for women’s health during pregnancy and child birth.

Languages       Burmese, Karen





1. Menopause.

It describes the crucial periods for women likethe first menstruation,pregnancy, and menopausal stages.Menopause occurs at the later stageof women’s life when  the body  systems  gradually weakenTreating  it lightly co uld  leads to harmful effects, and even worse, death.This booklet describes how women should take care of themselves especially during menopausal stage.Helpful advices for essential nutritious diet and its corre sponding preventions are likewise presented.

Languages   Burmese, Karen


2. Nutrition.

This booklet describes the proper nutrition, like the right amount and kind food containing all the essential food elements. This is also beneficial to pregnant women since it explains how they should have a healthy and balanced diet.

Language   Karen

3. Unplanned Pregnancy.

In times of poverty pregnancy is unwanted; the unexpected pregnancy becomes a problem instead of a blessing. In such cases, the abortion becomes the next handy option by consulting and hiring local untrained practitioners which more often than not results in tragedies. This booklet describes in tragedies. This booklet describes how to prevent pregnancy by utilizing safe methods. This book is made possible by a writer from Mae Tao Clinic which was later published and distributed by WEAVE.

Language   Burmese

4.  Traditional Birth Attendant (Training Guide)

For several reasons and in many places there are no trained medical doctors and nurses to take care of women during the labor stage. In such cases, they have to rely on the help of traditional midwives. This book describes about the proper care for women during pregnancy labor and birth stages as well as how to provide infant care.

Languages   Burmese & Karen combine

5. Getting Ready

It describes about the ways on how to build capacity among women in as far as managing their respective organizations is concerned. Capacity development is one of the important factors in ensuring a successful and well-managed organization.

Languages   Burmese, Karen

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