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Bits and Pieces

  • A new staff, Nikos Dacanay, was hired since July to coordinate WEAVE’s Special Project on Documentation (Marketing Study and WEAVE Book). He will work  closely with the Income Generating Project (IGP) group for the first part of his assignment and will be visiting and getting in touch with concerned WEAVE field offices/projects and staff for his data gathering.

  • The communication committee members, composed of Aunty Nancy, Jovy, Dawa, Dina , Fuji & Claire,  assigned to discuss the policy on communication as well as other important matters met on  July 8-9,  2009   at the administration office of Chiang Mai. Deliberation of the said policy has yet to be made by the Management Committee (MC) and if approved, the said policy shall be incorporated in  the revised WEAVE’s Manual of Operations.
  • A meeting was conducted on July 14-15, 2009 at the administration office in Chiang Mai for Office Managers from Chiang Mai, Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son to discuss on matters that affect the office operations.
  • WEAVE is pleased to announce the completion of the office location movement for the  Publication team to its 2nd floor (same building). The library and the showroom are now located at the 3rd Floor while the  1st floor is  intended for the organization’s office.
  • In July, the marketing office has finally been moved from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot . Nai-Nai is based in Mae Sot  effective mid-July, 2009.
  • A training of Special Need Education was conducted on July  29-30, 2009 at the Mae Hong Son office  by Louise Cooke, an AYAD volunteer. It was attended by 4 WEAVE staff.

Publication Team  welcomes two volunteers

The publication team was happy to welcome two independent volunteers from the USA, to wit: Kathryn Kosanovich  volunteered from June 2 – July 9, 2009 and Nikki M. Brust from June 16 – July 9, 2009.

Kathryn was assigned  to organize WEAVE’s publication and resource center and take the lead in coordinating the documentation of the organization’s best practices especially its Development Educational Material work. Nikki was also tasked to assist WEAVE in organizing its publication and resource center and take the lead  in the development  of the publication’s team fundraising activity.

ECD Teams Conducts TOT

ECD Team conducted training on Cycle and Techniques  on July 15-17, 2009 for 21 teacher-trainers in Mae Hong Son.  It was facilitated by two WEAVE’s trainers, Dina and Say Meh. The training was primarily conducted to identify the different processes involved in the training cycle,  know the different phases of trainer’s roles as well as know and apply the various facilitation techniques in conducting trainings and meetings.

WSP Update

  • The Women Study Program has 19 students. All of them have no plans of  applying for the  3rd country resettlement program. Guest speakers were invited to give lectures  and share experiences with the students.
  • Five  CBTs (Community-Based Trainers), got  job from other  Community Based Organizations. ; 2 CBT’s  went to USA. One is still with WEAVE’s WSP.
  • WEAVE staff conducted training for Teachers about Community Organizing and Teaching Methodology July 9-10, 2009. Two  of  the teachers attended training conducted by IRC about Sex and Gender, Trauma and Crisis Counseling.

Get Involved

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Special thanks to our sponsors and kindred individuals: Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Netherlands; Terre des Hommes, Germany in Southeast Asia; Refugee International, Japan; EMpower; Global Fund for Children; Stephanie Bernstein; Thai Tribal Craft; Australian Business Volunteers; Greater Good Foundation.

WEAVE accepts donations and grants and will match up funds up to 5,000 baht. Proceeds will be used to fund innovative and supportive projects of women’s and community based organizations that promote development and empowerment.

July E-Newsletter – Now Online