Lahu Women’s Organization (LWO)

LWO was formed in 1997, Lahu women who had arrived in Thailand decided to form a women?s organization to help address the needs of women and children, and to defend the rights of women. Their aim is to empower Lahu women to participate in political, social, education, health and leadership roles.

There are many Lahu refugees in the Thai border areas in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Song and Chiang Rai provinces, who are facing problems such as lack of accessibility to health care and education because they have no ID cards in Thailand and are surviving as stateless persons.

LWO’s Aims and Objectives are:

* To preserve Lahu cultural traditions
* To improve the education of Lahu children, youth and women.
* To address the health needs of Lahu people.
* To resist discrimination between women and men
* To work for the development of Lahu women in every sphere together with other indigenous women.
* To promote the participation of women in the democracy movement in Burma.
* To reduce illiteracy among Lahu women.

LWO’s Activities

* Capacity building Program for LWO?s members
* Income Generation Program
* Health and HIV/AIDS awareness program
* Education and Orphanage Center
* Internship Program
* Documentation
* Publication