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‘Letter for the Weary Souls’

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Dear esteemed friends and colleagues,

Solidarity greetings from WEAVE Foundation!

As many of us know, the horrible blaze in Ban Surin, Karenni Site2 last March 22 has taken 37 lives and made 2,300 Karenni homeless. The acute trauma and suffering that our fellow Karenni refugees have endured is beyond comprehension and the terrible hardship they have to cope with in order to confront daily is undeniably intense. Even though, all of them are working tirelessly to rebuild their homes and lives, the tragic incident will always remain in the memories of all the Karenni in Ban Mae Surin – children, parents, women and children, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends, to mention a few.

Materials and physical assistance is widely and highly appreciated. We sincerely thank the numerous nameless individuals and organizations for their sympathy and generosity in this time of great distress. However, beyond the many aids and support, each and everyone in Ban Mae Surin needs the healing of their souls. A few heartfelt words from you will be like an oasis in the desert for them. We would like to kindly request you to join us in this letter campaign, ‘Letter for the Weary Souls’, for our brother and sisters and families and friends in Mae Surin. This initiative is part of our Healing and Recovery intervention.

We would like to encourage you to tell you friends and everyone you know to write a note of encouragement, prayers, concern, solidarity, and sympathy for the people in Mae Surin. Preferably, the letters are written in Karen, Burmese or English. Otherwise, any language will do. Please remember to sign the letter above your name (optional) and the city and the country you are from. There is no due date for this, yet it is preferable if you can do it as soon as possible. Then compile your letters and send them directly to the following address.

Campaign on ‘Letters for the Weary Souls’
Mitos Urgel
WEAVE Foundation
P.O. Box 58
Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai, 50202

We believe that the people in Ban Mae Surin can rise above the ashes. They need our support and solidarity. Please join us!

In solidarity,