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Why not use your purchases to support a cause?

This holiday season is fast approaching but, unfortunately, it comes at a time of global economic hardships. So it makes sense more than ever to commit to socially responsible consumerism and to purchase gifts that truly fit our values. Using our purchasing power gives us the opportunity to contribute and promote positive changes throughout the world. So in the spirit of giving, shop your values by supporting WEAVE’s Income Generation Project.

For 18 years, WEAVE has been a part of a global movement that helps to alleviate poverty among the most disenfranchised people in the world: Refugee Women. With every purchase, you are not only buying a beautifully handcrafted gift, but you are also strengthening women’s voices, opportunities, earning power and access to the most critical human needs for women and their families. However, the impact goes beyond economic support, it also provides the women with a creative outlet and a chance to preserve and connect with their cultural heritage which is often lost at times of struggle.

Download Weave Product CatalogThere’s a gift for everyone. Our collection of Fair Trade and socially conscious products come in an array of styles and colors. Help WEAVE, and become a part of the economic empowerment movement. Help us to raise awareness and to continue to support marginalized communities through socially responsible income-generating enterprises. Buy a gift that gives twice.

To view WEAVE’s Product Catalog please CLICK HERE or on the brochure cover to the right.

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