Supporting the Rights of Indigenous People

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WEAVE was invited along with over 40 international organizations as representatives at the Asia Indigenous People?s Fair: Celebrating the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People . WEAVE is extremely proud to be able to contribute to such a critical event helping to enhance solidarity among people around the globe. WEAVE’s exhibition at the AIPP Fair

Hundreds of community members attended the event to help raise awareness and highlight the issues and challenges faced by indigenous communities regarding poverty, protection and land rights. WEAVE showcased how our Income Generation Project (IGP) assists with the economic development and empowerment of indigenous women from Burma who are now living in the refugee camps at the Thai-Burma border. WEAVE’s exhibition focused primarily on the natural, organic dye products made by women from Mae Ra Moo camp. Their beautifully crafted products exemplify how IGP programs can help to preserve indigenous roots and culture while simultaneously empowering women and alleviating poverty.

The convention was organized by the Asia Indigenous People’s Pact Foundation (AIPP) who invited groups from agencies of the United Nations, NGO’s and representatives from indigenous organizations and communities. Groups from Nepal, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, China, Bangladesh, Laos, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, East Timor, Thailand and many others contributed to the two-days of exhibitions and seminars. The seminars included topics on the protection of land rights and sustainable development, women’s empowerment, culture and development, indigenous identity, natural resources of indigenous people, capacity building and tourism and indigenous rights. To learn more about these issues please visit