The Women’s Capacity Development Project aims to build the capacity of displaced women in and outside of the refugee camps so that they are able to take responsibility for their own lives. WEAVE believes that capacity building is a potent tool that leads to genuine empowerment of women to fully realize their potential.

The project provides technical and financial support to various displaced ethnic women’s organizations along the Thai-Burma, India-Burma and China-Burma borders. The project’s components include: (a) a technical and training series to various women’s organizations on project management, strategic planning and organizational development; (b) a 10-month Women’s Study Program in Mae Hong Son which offers study courses to Burmese ethnic women and young girls and training opportunities on Women’s Issues and Development, Peace Education and Community Development; and (c) the provision of educational technical and financial assistance to post-10 education in Karenni refugee camps.

Women’s Capacity Development Project  program also supports the capacity building efforts for individual women and young girls, through carrying out adult literacy, vocational and alternative livelihood trainings as well as in providing internship opportunities. WEAVE ensures that the trainings and workshops extended are appropriate for the women’s skills, interests and circumstances as displaced persons and refugees. Some of the trainings provided are on improving their traditional handicrafts, designing and product development, sewing, micro-enterprise development, and micro-finance in order to further develop women’s capacities toward self-reliance and determination.

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