ECD Department rallied a series of trainings, workshops and meetings in the month of March

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WorkshopWEAVE continues to mobilize its resources in the province of Mae Hong Son in advocating for Early Childhood Development. Headed by WEAVE’s ECD Department, a series of trainings, workshops and meetings were conducted in both Camps 1 and 2 on the Thai-Burma border during the entire month of March.

The Early Childhood Development Project that concentrated on the further training of CBTs and trainers began last March 3-5, 2010 on the topic Milestones on Early Childhood Development and Psychosocial which was conducted by Education and Training Coordinator Rollie Verzosa.


On March 15-19, a meeting was held regarding the community project where the coordinator, CBTs and teacher trainers were all in attendance alongside the Nursery school training which took place in Mae Hong Son throughout March 15-18 in the Karenni Camp 2. The meeting with the Australian Business Volunteer representative on ABV volunteer evaluation occurred last 16th of March.

WorkshopWEAVE also culminated yet another successful school year as the Karenni Further Study Program and the Women Study Program graduations were held last March 16 and 18 respectively. Meanwhile, A TOT workshop on Training cycle and techniques was conducted last March 16-18 in Camp 2 where CBTs, trainers, head teachers and coordinators took part. The training generally met 70% of the objectives recommending a follow-up training with the CBTs. And in the last week of March, Hser Khu and Say Meh conducted TOT workshop in camp 1 which concentrated on topics: Child Development, Milestones on ECD and Psychosocial. The training generally met most of its objectives adding to the improvement and growth of WEAVE’s Early Childhood Development projects.

Nursery children drawingThese are only few among the many intensive efforts of WEAVE to continue its advocacy for the enhancement of its Early Childhood Development program. It is one of the most important pillars of developing the refugee communities. By committing this much attention to a child in his primary stages, it hones him to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. WEAVE not only devotes its attention to the ECD but to other child-rearing programs as well. Programs such as toy distribution and supplementary feeding are part of the regularly implemented programs concentrated on child development.