Job Announcement Executive Assistant and Thai Administrator

Job Title:                Executive Assistant and Thai Administrator

Reporting to:                 Executive Director

Job starting date:        July 15, 2017

Based in:                     Chiang Mai

Application deadline:   June 30 , 2017



Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) Foundation works in partnership with ethnic minority women on the Thai-Myanmar border and Thai villages surrounding the refugee camps in Mae Hong Son and Tak, Northern Thailand.  WEAVE believes that the empowerment of women and the development of their status benefit the whole community. WEAVE’s projects address many of the key problems faced by these women and their children through two main thrusts: women’s economic empowerment and early childhood development. The Foundation gives them opportunity to improve through education, confidence building and skills development.  WEAVE also highly recognizes the critical role of women in providing for their families and ensuring the well-being of their children and as such focuses on disadvantage and vulnerable women in particular. WEAVE is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Asia and its main office is in Chiang Mai, Thailand with branches in Mae Sod and Mae Hong Son.

The position of Executive Assistant provides logistical support to the Executive Director and the Assistant Directors for Programs in relation to Thai administration and management.

Reports directly to the Executive Director and Assistant Directors for Program.

General Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Office of the Executive Director
* Maintain orderly and updated files through manual and computerized database:
– administration and personnel files
– proposals, reports, contracts, strategic plan, annual plan, business plan
– communications
* Arrange and keep track of monthly schedule of activities and travels
* Represent WEAVE in Thai meeting, as necessary
* Maintain sound and good relationships with the following:
– Local Thai authorities, Immigration, MOI, Or Sor, Amphur, etc.
–  Other CCSDPT NGO-member agencies, Thai NGO’s, etc.
–  Donors and other external support groups.

2. Support to Assistant Directors for Programs

* Marketing
–  Support in conceptualizing business plan, including promotional materials
– Assist in managing portfolio/profile of clients and customers
– Assist in marketing events, as required
– Help to promote WEAVE Fair Trade shops in MHS, CM and MS through networking with other shops, organizations, advertisements and customers

* Production
– Assist in preparing order templates and designs
– Assist in purchasing raw materials, as required
– Assist in the conceptualizing production plan

3. Thai Administration
* Arrange MOI communication for camp passes
* Prepare quarterly and semi-annual reports to MOI and Amphur as well as for Annual WEAVE Foundation report.
* Prepare visa and work permit application of foreign staff.
* Submit monthly staff list to CCSDPT and provide copy to all field offices.
* Translate or arrange for translation of letters, reports and proposals into the Thai language and submit to MOI on a timely manner.
* Attend Annual MOI and Thai administrative meeting as necessary.
* Keep documentation of MOI and CCSDPT specially Annual Approved Projects, Application form to work in the border, Visa Extension Application Form, 3-6 months MOI reports, Request to enter the camp, including supplies, WEAVE information (in Thai)

4. Office Administration
* Three times a week, take mail to the post office and check WEAVE mailbox.
* Purchase office supplies and materials.
* Period inventory of office equipment.
* Ensure that the office, office equipment and furniture are in good condition.  Call for repairs/maintenance assistance as necessary.
* Photocopy larger jobs off-site.
* Purchase travel tickets for WEAVE staff. Ensure that approved travel order is provided.
* Keep a record of all electricity and water consumption.
* Arrange for immediate payment of monthly utilities such as phone, electricity, internet and water bills.
* Perform timely check and arrange for repair and maintenance of WEAVE facilities, as necessary.
* Ensure orderliness and cleanliness of WEAVE office.

5.Occasional tasks:
* Submit annual renewal of WEAVE’s staff insurance policy.
* Contact print shop for WEAVE office stationery – receipts, envelopes, cards, tickets for woven products, etc.
* Collect, pack, address and send parcels as requested by concerned staff.
* Keep updated mailing lists of WEAVE contacts, NGO’s, etc.
* Do field work as officially required.
* Provide logistical support to all staff, as necessary.

* Bachelor’s degree on relevant Thai Administration.
* Knowledge of Burma/Thailand border refugee situation and preferably has experience working along the Thai-Myanmar border.
* Understanding of, and commitment to, women’s education and empowerment
* Background in using computer programs such as Microsoft office.
* Fluency in English language.
* Ideally, willingness to work at some irregular hours.
* Background in Thai administration.
* Take the lead in coordinating with government.

* Minimum 2 years work experience in working on Thai Administrative
* At least 1 year work experience withindigenous/ethnic communities, local government agencies and civil society organizations.

* Computer Literate
* Self-motivated, dynamic, creative and energetic
* Has good interpersonal and leadership skills
* Possess positive attitude to working in multi-ethnic/diverse setting
* Possess flexibility to do multi-tasking  and to work under pressure
* Can work with minimal supervision and a team player
* Possess driving license

Qualified indigenous/ethnic women are highly encouraged to apply.

Submit your application to:

Khun Sineeporn  Pongraveevongsa


WEAVE Foundation

Email: [email protected], [email protected]




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