News Update on the Celebration of International Women’s Day, March 8,2012

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In solidarity with the rest of the women in the world, WEAVE in cooperation with the Karenni National Women’s Organization (KNWO) in Karenni Site 1 and Site2, Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP), Women Study Program (WSP), Karenni Further Studies Program (KnFSP) and Karen women refugee artisans in Umpiem Mai celebrates International Women’s Day during the month of March to mark the economic, political, and social achievements of women. Together with the refugee children, young girls, women and men on the Thai-Burma border, we join the “Bridge”, the world’s largest women’s rights solidarity campaign to build peace and hope for our future . Join us as we stand and call for an end to violence against women in areas of conflict, for women to have equal right in decision making processes and for women to have equal access to livelihoods opportunities and fair and just employment/income.

On this special event, we honor 2 inspirational women leaders who have tirelessly worked alongside WEAVE in advancing the status and development of displaced and refugee women and children in Karenni refugee camps. They are:

Thramu Yumalay for her inspirational commitment and dedication to the development of Karenni refugee nursery school age children and refugee women teachers. She was one the prime movers of the realization of a WEAVE supported Nursery School Program in the former Karenni Camp5 (now Karenni Site2) in 1997 and the strength of the program up to now. Her 15 years of service to further the Early Childhood Development (Nursery School) Program in Karenni Site 2 is truly remarkable.

Thramu Kumo for her determination and activism to advance the status of displaced and vulnerable young Burmese ethnic girls and women by educating them through the Women Study Program. Since 2006, Thramu Kumo has been working with WEAVE in Karenni Site1 in guiding and laying strong foundation towards the empowerment of Karenni young women. To date, over 200 young girls and women have successfully completed the Women Study Program and over 2,000 refugees supported through its Community Outreach work.

“To stand in solidarity with women who have risked everything to raise their children properly despite the difficulties brought about by war and more than 20 years of displacement in Thailand and to promote peace and equality is my great honor. My life has been shaped and inspired by the courage and strong determination of these women and I want to let them know that Iam with them in their struggle.” – Mitos Urgel

Stand with women on March 8, 2012 to build bridges of peace and hope for our future. Join WEAVE and the refugee women during our simultaneous peace marches to the bridges in Karenni Site1, Karenni Site2 and Umpiem Mai camp. Other features includes: unveiling of women’s gallery of (WSP compound, Karenni Site1 and Karenni Site2) and art competition to mention a few.