Training sessions on ECCD for the month of June

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For the month of June, the Early Childhood, Care, and Development (ECCD) Project participated in and conducted a training series that covered various topics.  Firstly, as part of the staff development, they attended a training session that was conducted by the Montessori School that provided information on classroom techniques.  These techniques included the use of sensorial materials, mathematics materials, and language and cultural materials.  Secondly, as part of WEAVE’s regular training series, they co-facilitated a five-day training organized by the Child Development Center (CDC) in Mae Sot.  Most of the training participants were nursery school teachers from migrant schools.   The training topics included using indigenous and local materials to make children’s toys, classroom management, children management, child behavior, and child psychology, to mention a few.  Furthermore, another round of refresher training was conducted for the nursery school personnel which included teachers, teacher trainers, and capacity building trainers in Karenni Site 2 on child development.

Regular school visitation and monitoring is a very important aspect in the work of the ECCD.  During the 2nd week of June, the ECCD team, together with the Nursery School administrators (camp coordinator, teacher trainers, and teachers) from Karenni Site 2 visited all 4 nursery schools to monitor the children and teacher’s progress.  Since this is the beginning of the school year and new young children are added in school, the teachers are very busy ensuring that the children were receiving the needed attention as part of their transition to enter nursery school.  They were happy to see that most of the children were starting to adjust and the operational aspects of the school were running smoothly.